2019 IFPA Awards

Presentation of the awards for IFPA made originally in Philadelphia on September 28, 2019.

Independent Free Papers of America

Helping Independent Publishers compete in our fast changing world.
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 IFPA is an organization rich in history and tradition of helping Independent Publishers compete in our fast changing world. We have a terrific IFPA family of members ready and willing to listen, learn and help each other with everything from sales challenges to cost saving ideas. It is wonderful to get to know many, many peers in the free community publication industry.

IFPA is an organization rich in history and tradition
of helping Independent Publishers.


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About IFPA

Our mission is to help Independent Publishers flourish by sharing new sales strategies, revenue generating services and cost saving ideas.
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CADNET Classifieds

Over 140 member publications, audited by CVC, with a circulation of nearly 9 million homes, participate in the CADNET classifed program.
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Free Paper Conference

Attend our annual IFPA Conference and we guarantee you'll go home with new ideas to help you success in an evolving industry. 
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Member Directory

View member publications as well as the top vendors in our Associated Member directory providing the best products, tools and technology in our industry.
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Upcoming Events & Workshops

June 7 & 8 Wyndham Chicago O'Hare

You’ll learn everything there is you need to feel comfortable in the Digital Age.

The Digital Innovations Workshop takes place at the Wyndham Chicago O'Hare Hotel on June 7th & 8th, 2019. Just minutes away from the airport and ground transportation. Once you arrive you'll learn everything about the digital world in which we live...  LEARN MORE

IFPA 2019 Fall Leadership Summit
Sept. 27 & 28 Sheraton Suites, Philadelphia Airport

We guarantee you’ll go home with new ideas!

If you're looking for new ideas to grow your business and solve those problems keeping you up at night then now is the time to reserve your space at the IFPA Fall Leadership Summit. Our focus is to make this meeting all about you...and your needs...LEARN MORE
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What Our Members are Saying

"I can say that we have undoubtedly made thousands and thousands of dollars from ideas I have picked up at the IFPA conferences & Publisher Summits! Plus, the ability to network and share idea with peers from across the country has been invaluable."
Dan Buendo
Reminder Publications - MA

"When I first got in the business as a salesperson at a shopper I couldn't wait to join IFPA. But we were owned by a paid daily paper. So, I waited until I started working at another paper where I could finally be part of a great national association."
Douglas Fry

"IFPA, without a doubt, helped to shape the way I looked at our industry. The friendships I have made are priceless. My IFPA peers are my go-to people when I have a question or challenge. I have used ideas that I have gotten to sell millions of dollars of advertising."
Doug Fabian
Kapp Advertising - PA